ATTO World – It’s time for take-off!

May 31, 2020 2 min read

ATTO World – It’s time for take-off!

The farther I travel, the closer I am to myself.” Andrew McArthy

Welcome! ATTO Travel is the new and official Movinglife blog. This is where we will do everything in our online power to make it easier for our global community to travel. Some of us are compelled to travel for work, others dream of adventures across the sea and sky, but all of us should be empowered to get where we want to go with ease. Movinglife was conceived with this precise notion in mind, and we’ve been working hard to ensure that no travel aspiration is too great for our communities around the world.

We’ll share information on scooter-friendly airlines and destinations, travel tips and checklists.

Back to the blog. So, what’s in store for our readers and, we hope, our contributors? We’d like to really drill down and focus on - everything! From publishing useful travel checklists to access-friendly destinations, to scooter-friendly airlines and equipment– we’ll know no limitations as long as you don’t. Here are some values we’ll base our work on:

•    We believe in unlimited mobility. If you can use a scooter, you can go anywhere, and we’ll show you how.
•    Mobility empowering solutions can look as good as they feel. We’ll showcase products – ours and any others we can find – that will help you travel with style.

travel with style

•    No more buckets – only lists! Don’t limit your aspirations to anyone’s list or timeframe. Bucket lists can give you tunnel vision and kill your spontaneity.
•    Share in the wealth – of knowledge. Once you get out there, you will be surprised by the size and knowledge of our global community. So much helpful information – let’s share and be shared!

Leveraging a global limited-mobility community to unleash possibilities for everyone

As you now move to click the follow button, please remember: the best businesses are built upon relationships. We aim to bring you value in everything we do – but in delivering our content even more so. So, please give us your feedback and send us any questions, comments and recommendations you have so that we can continually improve.
All that said, what do you think of this concept so far? What are some of the things you would like us to discuss as we cement our plan for the coming months?