Our story

We are Movinglife.

Movinglife is a global manufacturer of unique folding mobility scooters for individuals with mobility challenges.

Our founder, Nino Rensenberg, who faced mobility challenges throughout his life due to polio, was a businessman with a passion for travel, the outdoors, and quality time with loved ones. He owned a mobility scooter, but it was clunky, heavy, and far from stylish. Using it left him feeling more disabled than empowered, especially when he had to travel for business or pleasure. Every trip, every social activity felt like an uphill battle.

Nino knew that he and so many others deserved better, so he gathered a highly talented team and that’s how the ATTO was born.

All ATTO models are stylish, lightweight, designed down to the finest detail for users’ convenience. They include advanced safety measures and a large selection of accessories.

The scooters fold quickly to the size of a compact trolley suitcase and easily split into two parts - a feature that allows users to easily fit them in the trunk of a car or the upper storage compartment of an airplane.

The ATTO mobility scooters transformed the lives of thousands worldwide, empowering them to travel freely and independently, enjoy social life, and explore new horizons, while making a style statement wherever they go.

Movinglife’s products are sold worldwide through licensed local distributors or directly online.