Our story

We are Movinglife.

We develop, manufacture and market a series of advanced folding scooters in Israel and around the world, to provide the finest solution for people with mobility issues, due to illness or old-age.

The company aims to be the world leader in the field of personal mobility solutions, in order to enable quality of life at the highest level for anyone who needs a mobility solution.

The company's products are designed with uncompromising quality, advanced technology and spectacular design, and no less important - with a deep understanding and constant attentiveness to customers' needs.

Nino Rensenberg, founder of Movinglife who himself suffers from polio, is the living spirit behind the development of ATTO. Nino - an active businessman who travels incessantly - was unwilling to compromise with existing solutions in the market, and was looking for something that would serve him on his busy schedule which include meetings and international flights. To his surprise he discovered that such a product did not exist.

 Nino relates: “The idea of ​​the product came up because of the frustration I felt every time I traveled and came back from abroad. I had to wait for my scooter to arrive with the luggage, so I invented a product that was light and foldable, one that could even get on the plane with me and take me anywhere. I called it ATTO.”

Today, Movinglife offers a series of advanced mobility scooters under the name ATTO.

All ATTO models are characterized by their modern design and lightweight, designed down to the finest detail for users' convenience and include advanced safety measures and a large selection of accessories. The scooters fold quickly to the size of a compact trolley suitcase and easily split into two parts - a feature that allows users to easily fit them in the trunk of a car or in the upper storage compartment of an airplane. But above all, allow freedom of movement and return to a normal and independent life.

In 2021, the company launched "Shabbatto” - a Shabbat scooter that offers an elegant Shabbat command mechanism, developed in collaboration with engineers and rabbis of the Zomet Institute. At the same time, the company's R&D team works intensively on the development of additional innovative products which aim to improve the quality of life of people with reduced mobility, in Israel and around the world.

Movinglife's products are sold worldwide through licensed local distributors, or directly online.

The company's headquarters are located in Israel at Kibbutz Netzer Sereni, and has offices in the US and Europe.