Standard Flight Battery

The ATTO Standard Flight Battery is a great range-enhancing solution for the long-haul user or for traveling, that gives you power assurance at all times.

Guarantees mobility for an additional 20km/12.4Miles

Alternate between 2 batteries for unlimited range

Fits perfectly into dedicated ATTO carrier accessories

Safe and approved for flight on most airlines

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Great for car travel
Great for cruises
Great for air travel

•    Backup power assurance 
•    Guarantees mobility for an additional 20km/12.4Miles
•    Use dedicated carrying accessories ATTO Backpack or ATTO Essentials Pouch to carry
•    Flight-approved for most airlines when in spilt mode
•    Works seamlessly with other ATTO Accessories
Average distance power: 20km/12.4Miles
Power: 250Wh
Dimensions: 29cm x 13cm x 8cm / 11.42” x 5.12” x 3.15”
Weight: 1.85 Kg / 4.08 lbs