ATTO Sport Armrests

The ATTO Sport Armrests is an essential ergonomic accessory that provides users added stability, comfort, and security. They can be easily folded away for convenient boarding and debarking. When placing an order, select the appropriate size and color for your scooter: White for the ATTO Classic and grey for the ATTO SPORT. 

Great for car travel
Great for cruises
Great for air travel

  • Extra stability, comfort and security
  • Fold out of the way when getting on or off ATTO
  • Single installation, no need to remove when ATTO is folded
  • Works seamlessly with other ATTO Accessories

Dimensions (of each ATTO Armrest): 30cm x 7cm x 7 cm / 11.81” x 2.76” x 2.76”

Weight (per ATTO Armrest): 1.29 Kg / 2.84 lbs.