Best Support for Your back!

Orthopedic Backrest provides significant support and comfort without compromise. Easily attaches to your ATTO. A quick connection system connects the backrest to the ATTO seat and back. Comfortable, durable, breathable mesh fabric.  

User Manual

User Manual atto accessories

Ergonomic design for improved support and comfort

Doubles the supported back area, compared to a standard ATTO seatback

Easily connects to your ATTO, and disconnects

Includes breathable mesh cover to prevent sweating

Side finishing is made of leather for extra style

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Great for car travel
Great for cruises
Great for air travel

Quick connection system without the need for tools Connects to the scooter even when it is folded

Dimensions: 18.5” X 16.9” X 5.7”

Weight: 2.552 lbs