Fresh air, everywhere

ATTO's oxygen tank holder attaches securely to the back of the scooter and is designed to carry an oxygen tank (up to 75cm/ 29.5”) to provide the user with optimal oxygen supply while traveling. The holder includes a fabric cover for the tank and a dedicated pocket for the oxygen mask tubes. 

User Manual

User Manual atto accessories

Enables safe and convenient use of oxygen tank while riding.

Black fabric cover can be adjusted to different size tanks, to keep it hidden.

Dedicated pocket for oxygen mask tubes.

Allows comfortable carrying of a pair of crutches.

Scooter can be folded even when the holder and tank is connected to it

Great for car travel
Great for cruises
Great for air travel

Dimensions: 20.9” x 6.7“ x 5.5”

Weight: 0.99 lbs

Max tank Dimension: 29.5”

Diameter 4.7”


Designed for carrying an oxygen tank of up to 5 liters ( 4.7” diameter x 29.5” height).

Does not interfere with folding the scooter.